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  • Hello, Baltimore

    October 30, 2010
    Instructed by Ellen Lupton

    I recorded on my sketchbook how people response to my greeting on the street, from Maryland Institute College of Art to the National Aquarium, Baltimore. The greeting was very formal and gentle with straight eye contact and smile. I met 348 people in between 10:22 and 18:13. 221 people(63.5%) verbally responded and 31 people(9%) noticeably nodded or friendly smiled.

    Dog-walkers were all friendly. Single women made themselves more amiable to me than the women in group. I had a camera with me during the research, and accidentally noticed that it positively affected the response rate. I assume that the camera described me as a tourist instead of a salesman. About the sunset hours, street walkers changed to secure mode. I gathered more ignorances to my greeting than a day time.

    In result, Baltimore is a friendly city in a date time.